3 must-have gin cocktails

These pretty cocktails will make you feel like a celeb in a day spa

Spring has sprung. The days are getting longer, dresses and getting shorter, and the temptation to make the most of the weather is almost too hard to resist. Meet the perfect cocktail companions while you’re sitting pretty by the pool or on a breezy balcony basking in the evening light.

G 'n' Iced Tea

It’s like magic! Watch your drink turn from deep blue to soft shade of pink with this delicious concoction. Want to know why? Scroll to the end to reveal the secret. Or don’t, just drink!


One large round iceberg (ice cube)
125ml cold chamomile tea
60ml unConscious Deep Blue Sea Gin
30ml Elderflower Cordial
60ml Cherry Plum Kombucha
1 sprig of Rosemary to serve


  1. Place the ice cube in a martini glass
    2. Pour all the ingredients into a tall glass and stir gently and then strain over the iceberg.
    3. Top with a sprig of rosemary, and enjoy over a long summer afternoon. 

The Golden hour

Bask in nature’s filter with this combo of botanicals. The lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle and mountain pepperleaf are highlighted with a citrus burst in this refreshing pre-dinner cocktail.


Slice of orange
15ml Triple Sec
30ml unConscious Aussie Bush Gin
Soda water
Nasturtiums to garnish


  1. Gently twist the orange slice to release some oil into a large wine glass then place the slice against the glass. Add ice.
    2. Pour in triple sec and gin. Top with soda water and gently stir to combine.
    3. Decorate with one or two nasturtiums. Enjoy happy golden hour.

The Selfie Spritz

Put some zing back in your day and refresh yourself with this thirst-quenching gin spritz with a twist. Make sure you choose a prosecco that leans to the sweeter side. 


1 passionfruit, cut in half
30ml unConscious Dry Gin
100ml Prosecco
Soda water
Sprig of mint
Cornflower to garnish


  1. Fill a large wine glass or tall glass with ice. Scoop out the pulp from half a passionfruit and stir through the ice. You might like to use the other half depending on the amount of pulp you prefer.
    2. Pour in gin and add prosecco. Gently stir to combine. Top with soda water.
    3. Add a mint sprig and garnish with a cornflower. 

The secret to Deep Blue Sea gin

So, you’re curious huh? Why is it that your blue gin turns to a shade of pink? No, it’s not laden with artificial colours, there are no nasties in our gin. The magic all lies with one ingredient – butterfly pea flower. The petals are an intense blue. Like blueberries and blackberries, butterfly pea flowers contain anthocyanins which are naturally occurring plant pigments. The stability of the colour from butterfly pea flowers depends on the pH, so if you add in something acidic, like tonic water or lemon, you will see the spectacular transformation from deep blue to sunset pink. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story… just enjoy the magic.